Interactive Approach


Our live courses are interactive, involving gamified small group exercises and live discussion. This enables you to tailor your learning: sharing, questions and alternative views are all part of the experience.

Over time, an increasing number will become available online or as apps. Online courses will incorporate structured comprehension assessment. Expect to see quizzes, questionnaires and games.

Modular & Complementary

Our courses are modular and complementary. You can take one or many, starting with our Pilot Course. We suggest that you take advantage of discounts available on booking 4 courses or more.

As a guide, you would need to have knowledge of budgeting to get the most out of personal finance and small business courses. More advanced courses will come with prior learning/knowledge recommendations.


Our most comprehensive course is a 20-session Financial Literacy series comprised of three learning modules in budgeting, savings & investment and the basics of business finance.

However, most topics are covered in half- to one-day courses, which can be taken on a stand-alone basis or combined in a series of 4-5 according to your interests and/or needs. There are some 2-2.5 hour courses such as the pilot (taster) sessions.

E-MONA Learning also offers financial education courses as part of other providers’ skills, personal development and career-related courses. To find out how we can supplement your course offering, please Contact us.


Specially Created Materials

By using specially created course materials and exercise templates, the focus is on understanding the concepts, not doing the maths. The gamified team exercises provide a competitive element and encourage discussion of new concepts and approach.

In many cases, participants will be introduced to online resources and/or apps. Certain courses will be provided online in a structured format which will include videos and comprehension questions.


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