E-MONA Learning is a financial education company, established in late 2014. Our courses are designed to provide you with a practical understanding of personal finance and managing financial matters. They focus on three aspects of money and value:

  1. The value of money: how much it can buy with what you make, budgeting and planning
  2. The time value of money: learning to harness time and returns to grow your savings pot, while limiting the impact of costs
  3. Creating value by investing in yourself and your ideas.



We are passionate about helping YOU learn finance skills in relevant and engaging ways. To facilitate learning and interaction, course topics are grouped by target participants:

  • Financial Literacy to help young people (15 to 25 year olds) become financially independent and secure a safe financial future. Courses for younger children available by arrangement.
  • Personal Finance to help one and all manage their finances. Anything and everything goes, when it comes to learning about securing a better financial future for you and your family.
  • Small Business Finance for newly-minted entrepreneurs and the self-employed to help you manage your business and personal finances more efficiently.
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E-MONA Learning is managed by Monica Filkova, a Chartered Financial Analyst since 2003. Monica has been managing her own money and investing since 2003. In the process, she has gained retail investor experience with a variety of products, markets and platforms.

Monica’s career in finance covers commercial property lending, debt capital markets, investment analysis and corporate finance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from AUBG and Master’s degree in Management from Cornell University.

Monica is passionate about education and green & socially responsible investments. She has volunteered on wildlife conservation projects in South Africa, China and Malaysian Borneo.

Contact Monica: Email info@emonalearning.com or call +44 7771 925 067


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