Take Control: Spend = Earn – Save – Give

There is a school of thought that says 10% of what you earn you should save, and another 10% you should give away. That leaves you 80% to live on. This course looks at how you can make that work.

Specifically, it looks into personal budgeting and using priorities to allocate available income. The interactive component includes developing basic spreadsheets to calculate:

  • net income
  • available funds after necessary expenses (aka disposable income)
  • savings requirement to meet the cost of treats (e.g. holiday, new gadget) and provide for life-changing investments (e.g. buy a house, earn a qualification, start a business)

The learning outcomes are:

  1. Understand the difference between wages / earnings and net income
  2. Differentiate between fixed / variable and important / urgent expenses
  3. Be able to develop a timeline with earnings and expenses and use it to budget for treats or big bills
  4. Gain a basic understanding taxation, the cost of social benefits and inflation
  5. Appreciate the importance of saving and giving


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