Socially Responsible Investing

Setting funds aside can be done with multiple goals in mind. Triodos Bank recently did a video on social impact investing, i.e. how to make money while sponsoring change for good, which provides a great introduction to the topic. This course looks at socially responsible investing as a theme and at some specific investment options.

The learning outcomes are:

  • Become aware of SRI definitions and compare to your preferences
  • Become aware of specific institutions that offer funds, bonds and equity investment opportunities to support renewable energy, social causes, etc.
  • Understand how to use information sources such as the FTSE4Good Index Series to identify investments
  • Learn how to monitor performance
  • Understand how to determine if a socially responsible company is a good investment opportunity and how you can improve your returns

The course material presumes that you have a good understanding of investing in funds, bonds and shares … but if not, not to worry: take a look at Money Never Sleeps.


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