Money Never Sleeps

Well, it certainly shouldn’t! You work hard. So should your money!

Money sitting in a bank account may be safe, but it’s likely earning you next to nothing – such as many Cash ISAs. You can change that. Quite apart from being able to invest in bonds, shares, property and a business directly, there are a wide variety of options that allow you “employ” a professional, avoid taxes (legally!) and become your own fund manager. This course looks at basic products and ways to invest in a basket of financial instruments.

The learning outcomes are:

  • Understand the key characteristics of bonds, stocks and property as an investment
  • Become aware of financial products which allow you to invest in a diversified basket of financial assets
  • Become aware of financial investment products with low risk and high liquidity (i.e. quick access to funds)
  • Understand the key characteristics of tax wrappers (e.g. ISA) for private investors
  • Understand the costs associated with investing
  • Be able to use free internet resources to find information on potential investments


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