Value your Bottom Line

Starting with a Grocery Shopping game, this course focuses on assessing options from the mundane (e.g. store discounts) to selecting insurance, financial advisers and investments.

We all know there’s lots of marketing hype, so we use practical examples (e.g. PI cover) to focus on extracting key financial information and reading the fine print (in this case, exclusions that apply). At the end of the day, improving your financial position is as much about controlling costs and unintended consequences, as it is about get a good return!

The learning outcomes are:

  • Understanding how to analyse the deal on offer
  • Understand and quantify the actual cost to you, factoring in any restrictions driven by your circumstances (e.g. you may not qualify for the best offer)
  • Understand the basics of comparing options numerically – e.g. two different loan deals
  • Become aware of the impact of fees and charges levied by advisers, brokers, etc.


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