Personal Finance Courses

Personal Finance Courses are about managing financial matters to secure a better financial future for you and your family. They could be particularly useful to people, whose financial requirements or priorities have recently changed – having a child, getting close to retirement, becoming self employed, etc. However, the topics don’t derive from the circumstances; rather they are about tackling financial matters before they become an urgency and put you under pressure.

Personal Finance Pilot

This introductory course is designed to provide a personal assessment of existing knowledge (and gaps) in a variety of subject areas. It will also provide guidance on which course topics you should explore further. It looks at risk preference, investment concepts and budgeting, for instance.

The Power of Pocket Money

Piggy banks are not just for kids. This course look at how investing small amounts regularly over a long period of time can add up to funding big things such as your child’s university education. It gives examples of regular savings accounts starting at £10-25 per month.

Take Control

There is a school of thought that says 10% of what you earn you should save, and another 10% you should give away. That leaves you 80% to live on. This course hones in on personal budgeting and using priorities to allocate available income.

Balancing Act: Living and Achieving

Life often gets in the way of big dreams. To help you bankroll your dreams, this course looks at identifying clear goals, setting priorities and steps toward achieving them in the context of balancing your financial liabilities and expenses against your financial assets and income.

Savings, Debt and All that Jazz

Using real life examples and internet research this course looks at key characteristics of financial assets and delves into financial liabilities as they apply to the business and the business owner. The impact of interest and the time value of money will be a particular focus.

Money Never Sleeps

You work hard. So should your money! Money sitting in a bank account may be safe, but with interest rates so low, it’s losing it’s value by the day. This course looks at basic investment products and how to invest in them.

Value Your Bottom Line

Starting with a Grocery Shopping game, this short course focuses on assessing options from the mundane to selecting advisors and investments. Whether it’s apples or advice, it’s all a cost to you!

Tax Doesn’t Have to be Taxing

Did you know that the government wants you to save and invest in small businesses? Not just that, but there are some pretty good tax incentives to do just that. Why would you not take advantage???

Socially Responsible Investing

More and more people are supporting green and social causes. You can do that when you invest, as well. There are now savings accounts, green and charity bonds, renewables funds and many more options available. This course looks at the phenomenon and how to find such investments.

Investing for Children

There comes a time when you start planning for the next generation. You can do it the hard way … or you can do it tax efficiently. This course looks at investment products designed with children in mind.

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