Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy courses provide a grounding in personal finance to help young people (15 to 25 year olds) become financially independent and secure a safe financial future. They revolve around the basics of saving and investment with a focus on developing action plans toward achieving life goals.

We will endeavour to book participants of broadly similar age on courses, but this may not always be possible. Look out for sessions specifically identified as Financial Literacy for Teens and Financial Basics for Kids.

Short course descriptions coming soon! In the meantime, check out these 5 Ways to Teach Kids Financial Basics.

For organisations working with young people – such as after school clubs, mentoring, apprenticeship training, associations – we can offer a gamified 18-session course. There are three sections to it: personal budgeting, saving and investing, and basics of business finance. Weekly sessions are supplemented by individual and small group research and exercises to help internalise the concepts and facilitate day-to-day adoption. Each session builds on previous topics and adds to the tool kit and information available to move ahead in the game. However, it is possible to adapt each 6-session module as a stand-alone course. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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