Practical Record Keeping

We offer two formats for this course for the self-employed and small businesses.

The 2.5-hour course focuses on key concepts, offers tips, do’s and don’ts around invoicing, expense categorisation and managing the tax position (including VAT). It introduces a record keeping app.

The half-day course is more comprehensive and provides participants with hands on practice from categorising income and recording expenses to basic tax calculations. Participants are introduced to record-keeping & tax calculation app. The gamified team exercises provide a competitive element and encourage discussion of new concepts and approach.

The learning outcomes are:

  • Understand the principles of record keeping.
  • Be able to group expenses in the HMRC categories for self-employed.
  • Understand income types and be able to issue an invoice.
  • Understand Profit & Loss and basic tax principles; be able to calculate business P&L, income tax, VAT.
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