Business Cash Flow Management

So you have your business and you’ve set yourself a goal. You’ve got your sales and marketing approach sorted.

But …

Do you feel confident formulating quantitative business plans, including budgeting monthly income and expenses for a year or planning with a 5-10 year horizon?

Most people underestimate the importance of clear financial targets and budgeting … or the complexity of projecting ahead. You certainly need that to get external funding, be it a loan or to attract a business partner.

This course provides a step by step approach to developing cash flow models to reflect business plans. It is NOT about deciding what business to get into or how to write a business plan – it focuses on financially managing a business and developing the economic case for the business and its growth prospects. It’s hands on, with spreadsheet modelling. To allow participants sufficient time to put theory into practice, it is offered as a full day course.

The learning outcomes are:

  • Understand the principles of business planning
  • Be able to translate business goals into targets (income level and its composition) with attached time horizons
  • Be able to plan expenses (cash outflows) in light of expected revenue and its timing (cash inflows)
  • Learn basic Excel modelling skills to summarise and monitor cash flow
  • Understand Profit & Loss and basic tax principles; be able to calculate business P&L, income tax and VAT


The course can be adapted to a series of four 2-hour courses for groups, e.g. franchisees within a region or members of a networking group. The series would normally be offered over a month, i.e. one 2-hour session per week.

  • Course 1: Financial goals & targets
  • Course 2: Planning inflows and outflows
  • Course 3: Basic Excel for cash flow management
  • Course 4: Basic Excel for budgeting and business planning

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