Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance courses are designed for young or newly minted entrepreneurs and the self-employed to help them manage their business and personal finances more efficiently. In essence, the topics centre on small business finance management.


Small Business Pilot

Introductory course designed to provide (1) a personal assessment of existing knowledge (and gaps) in a variety of subject areas and (2) guidance on which course topics would be most relevant to each participant.

To incorporate or not to incorporate?

Practical compare-and-contrast of accounting, tax and reporting obligations and considerations via a guided debate on partnerships, limited companies and sole traders.

Practical Record Keeping

Participants engage in exercises focused on monitoring income streams, invoicing, categorising and recording expenses to basic tax calculations, including managing VAT. Sound daunting? Don’t worry. There’s an app for that!

Business Cash Flow Management

Participants learn to set business goals and formulate plans to achieve them. This includes planning income and expenses, as well as developing a business specific P&L model for a year.

Can Business Savings Build a Pension Pot?

As your own boss, comes the responsibility to plan for your own (and your employees) retirement. This course is about appreciating the power of saving a little regularly, the benefit of starting early and importance of minimising deductions. The focus is on recycling current savings into future wealth and income.

Tax Doesn’t Have to be Taxing (Business)

You shouldn’t let tax incentives go to waste. This course looks at investing, giving, contributing to a pension plan, borrowing, using losses and government support for small businesses.

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